More about me

Antje Kratz, Fußmalerin aus Frankfurt am Main

I was born in Frankfurt Germany at the 25. of september in 1961. Caused on the medicine Contergan I´ve no arms and no hands. So I went to a special school for handicaped people and finished it.

I the early beginning of my life, I found out, that art and specialy panting, is one of my favorites. Later, as an adult, I made my hobbie form the days of my childhood to my profession. Between 1978 and l98l - I the Footpainter - worked as a volontair in a theatre in Frankfurt Germany (Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main). Here, Herrmann Haindl gave me an multible art-education and I studied at Herrmann Haindls Artist-Yard in Hofheim am Taunus.

Antje Kratz, Fußmalerin aus Frankfurt am Main

I am painting with my rigth foot and the meaning of those "specialists" is, that my line is safe and I´d found my special own style in the last years. Most of my motives are sitll lifes and Italien Landscapes.

I Love Italy so much, that I married my boyfriend for so many years Horst 1999 in Catania. Now we live in Frankfurt. In this region I have lots of exibitions. Beside painting, I love music from all directions, ballet and swimming.

Greetings from heart and enjoy my art